ABOUT 360-Access

Problems people with disabilities experience:

Life is complicated! If you have a disability it can seem impossible to find accessible hotels, restaurants, or retail outlets. And, hauling special equipment along, like a wheelchair or oxygen tank can turn it into a nightmare.  People with disabilities (PWDs) often have trouble finding accurate information about accessible public spaces. As a result, PWDs might make multiple phone calls to verify basic information.  And, sometimes the person on the other end of the phone might not have or even think to offer details about their space.  This means we can get to a supposedly accessible venue and discover major barriers.  Barriers that can keep us out or make it difficult to fully participate.

What are we doing about it?

The 360-Access goal is universal accessibility!

But, until that day comes we will educate businesses and consumers. 360-Access is a web-based tool.  It is used to capture and share accessibility information in a standard format. We don't just ask "is your restroom accessible"? Our 360-Access tool asks very detailed questions, about 50 of them, like:

  • Can the restroom door be opened with no more than 5 pounds of force?
  • Is the toilet centered at least 18 inches from sidewall?
  • Is the toilet seat 17 to 19 inches above the floor?
  • Is there a grab bar behind the toilet?
  • Is there a grab bar on the sidewall nearest the toilet?

360-Access revolutionizes how PWDs will find goods and services.  Now we can easily find businesses that cater to our mobility or other special needs.  And, our business sponsors and participating partners have a new way to make their goods and services highly visible to us.

Finally, we will able be able to make informed decisions about where to travel, eat, stay, shop, or play!


Who are we?

360-Access.com was created by two businesswomen who have disabilities.  We understand the need for accessibility information when we shop, travel, or entertain for business or pleasure.


Co-Founder: Madonna Long;
VP 360-Access (a division of Abator)

Long is no newcomer to disability or business. Paralyzed in 1981 in a Utah school bus accident, she was 1994's Ms. Wheelchair Nevada.  At 22, Long owned a Las Vegas bridal and formal wear boutique. As the owner of Madonna Long Consulting LLC & Loops Media Group, she consults on disability marketing and consumer issues. Long helped launch VPG Autos where she worked on accessible taxi legislation in Washington DC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Nevada. She is a national disability consumer advocate working over a dozen years with members of Congress to bring awareness to home health care and complex rehab technology.


Co-Founder: Joanne Peterson;
President/CEO Abator

Peterson, injured in a 1969 Ohio motor vehicle accident, found that her best employment opportunity was self-employment. There were very few women-owned technology firms when she founded Abator in 1983. Abator’s IT consultancy supports government and commercial clients. Its GetDiversityCertified.com division helps diverse businesses get certified.  Peterson co-authors a blog for diverse business owners, provides technical assistance through Chatham’s WBC, serves on the PowerLink Board, volunteers via WBENC, and is a brainstormer extraordinaire.

Along with her Co-Founder Madonna Long, Peterson is using her technical knowledge to drive 360-Access in mapping the physical accessibility features of public spaces for people with disabilities.