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The 360-Access mission is to map the unique existing accessibility features of public spaces connecting people with disabilities (PWDs), their families, friends, caregivers and associates to objective information.

Why Objective?

Anyone can write a review about an experience, while objective information just tells us what exists.  For example: Based on ADA guidelines, the brunch café at 123 Any Street is open from 6AM to 3PM, is close to public transportation, there are two accessible parking spots in the public lot next door, the entrance meets ADA specifications, there is ADA accessible table seating, the staff will read menus to visually impaired guests, service animals are welcome and one part-time staff member is fluent in ASL.  Unfortunately, the single bathroom is not ADA accessible.

That’s 360-Access objectivity.  This gives 360-Access consumers dependable decision-making data when choosing where to make their next purchase. And, yes, people can write reviews of the food and their experience!

End Result: Accurate, objective, searchable information about our world that helps the PWD community conveniently find places to live, work, eat, play or travel.


360-Access's goal is to educate businesses and consumers; capture and share standardized accessibility information; and, help revolutionize how members of the disability community find restaurants, lodging or buy goods, services and products.

As an accreditation service, 360-Access helps business sponsors complete a detailed survey of their unique acessibility features. We employ members of the people with disabilities community through our partnerships with disability organizations to verify the collected data. 360-Access makes a subset of that information available to visitors and members to assist them in finding truly accessible goods and services based on search requirements they choose to enter.

What other services are available?

  • Onsite Survey: For larger venues, locations and businesses 360-Access will offer onsite surveys so that the unique features of the property and the services provided can be fully documented and set up so the consumer has access to all property and services information.
    ADA Compliance
  • Partner Referral: For a nominal fee we will send your data to our ADA Compliance partners so they can determine what other accessible features you may want or need to improve the accessibility of your location and services.
  • ADA Website Assessment Partners: For a nominal fee our Accessible Website Partner will help you make your website compliant. Any 360-Access fee will be deducted from any additional partner fees.

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"During the 2016 election, a whopping 83% of polling places posed at least one impediment for voters with disabilities." https://n.pr/37TB3RE

Watch @MarianCFO pitch @360access1 and vote to move her forward in the #NBICUnityWeek pitch competition. #DisabilityInclusion #WBENCnetwork https://vimeo.com/showcase/7702274

Jeffrey Mansfield says architecture can be racist & ableist. But it can also be used to dismantle systems of oppression. He's a #Deaf architect advocating for universal design & #Deafspace. #Accessibility #a11y

Randy Lewis shared the results of Walgreens work studies,

"safety is better among people with disabilities, retention is better, less absenteeism. So, performance is the same, but oh by the way, we get a dedicated workforce that are MORE than working.“


Words Matter, And It’s Time To Explore The Meaning Of “Ableism”

@Forbes #CripTheVote #DisabledTwitter #DisabilityTwitter #DisabilityRights


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